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    Change a Perspective, Change a Life.

    Turning the Tide...

    To change a life is to change the world, and Damali believes that even the smallest ripple can create the biggest wave.


    She’s turning the tide for good.


    Damali invites girls, advocates and organizations who serve them on a new kind of journey, one filled with adventure, awareness, and ambition. Together they pave the way for their own dreams while laying the foundation for future generations.


    It’s more than a box to think outside of, a moment to live in, a fear to face head on. This is a progressive shift forward like never before.



  • My Journey

    I love sharing my truth

    A Dreamers Journey


    I’ve been called a lot of things. A relentless dreamer. A tireless advocate. A non-conformist with innovative creativity. I like to think the way the world sees me is a reflection of how I see myself, and I’m proud to be a resounding voice for positive change. After all, I didn’t get here without learning a few things about myself along the way.


    In 2009 I had what I like to call a “crisis of purpose,” which kick-started a personal journey to uncover my unique talents and driving passion. After a successful young career in entertainment public relations, I found myself at a crossroads asking a lot of questions.


    What does success mean to me? is the reward worth the risk? how can I affect real, lasting, soul-quenching change in the world? I sought advice from family, peers, and my spiritual guide. Then I looked inward, renewed my connection with self, and found that what I needed I already had.


    I was also asked by several friends to speak with girls who were acting out, losing academic focus, or enduring emotional conflict. I found myself with a familiar feeling—at that crossroad with so many of the same questions. but something told me i would find the answers in the work.


    In that moment of truth I stumbled upon my passion and began to dream. A few dinners, conversations, and trips to the mall later, slowly, pact of secrecy by pact of secrecy, these brilliant girls let me into their heads, their hearts, and their captivating worlds. It was an opportunity to change young lives. It was an experience that changed my life.


    I’ve been called a lot of things, but after working with these girls I found the one title that truly fit: mentor. Since then my personal and professional missions have continued to align.


    Today I support local and global communities through speaking engagements, one-on-one and group sessions, blogs, and mentorship. As the founder of and chief dream builder at Petals-N-Belles, a 501(c)(3) social development organization established in 2010 to empower girls through creative workshops, real-world experiences, and academic coaching, I am at the forefront of a movement to inspire the next generation of female leadership. And now that you’ve read my story, I want you to join the charge.


    Help us push this work forward and reach girls who are full of potential but faced with poverty, a lack of support, and the fear of dreaming big.


    Because if the world really does see us how we see ourselves, let us reflect with purpose and imagination.


    Dream With Intention.





  • Services Include:

    • Speaking Engagements
    • Empowerment Host
    • One-on-one or group workshops
    • Creative Consulting 
    • Program and Business Development 
    • Personal and Professional Transition Guidance 
    • Organizational Strategy 


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